Sunday, 15 February 2015

Time to leave, almost.

Well, all good things have to come to an end and so it is with our time in Bolnuevo. On Thursday we leave here to drive to Santander and catch the ferry to Portsmouth on Monday.

We've had a fabulous time over the last three and a half months and met some lovely people, fellow motorhomers and local folk. We feel sure it is a place we will come back to again. The campsite here is like a village where you get to know people who you bump into at cafes, bars, supermarkets and dance/music events.

The last week has been pretty hectic; Phil enjoyed the "ladies day" on Thursday when the local bars would only admit women (men entered at their peril) and from what I was subsequently told involved much dressing up,drinking and dancing. Friday was the fancy dress night here on the campsite where most folk made an effort and some of the costumes were fabulous. We went as pirates and although we didn't win any prizes or find any treasure we did find the grog (thanks Dominic).

Last night was back to the Oasis bar for a live band and more dancing and then today a blues band entertained us for a couple of hours at another bar just down the road.

Trying to pick out the highlights of our time here is difficult because we've just had so much fun but I suppose Christmas lunch in the sunshine whilst being entertained by an Elvis impersonator is high on the list especially as we shared that day with our friends who we met earlier in Spain and then in their house in France, Chris and Jenny.

A lunch of mussels prepared differently and providing six courses of different flavours sat at a harbour side restaurant in warm sunshine with seven other friends was also a highlight. Climbing the hill (mountain?) behind us was also fun and provided great views of the surrounding area. Seeing in the New Year with other folk from all over Europe was something special too; there weren't too many language barriers at midnight. Paul and Chris who we went to Morocco with last year came and stopped for a week and it was good to reminisce and swop stories with them.

So now we have a couple of days to "break camp" before we're on the road again. Since we arrived we've purchased an inflatable awning which weighs 18kgs and is pretty bulky, one of those bits of kit that slides neatly out of its bag but which is never going to go back in without much sweat, swearing and broken fingernails. We've also acquired a battery charger, fishing rod, fishing tackle, Christmas lights and decorations, plus the two litres of olive oil, 2kgs of honey and goodness knows how much delicious wine we can cram in. Might need to put a bit more air in the tyres.

Apologies for not updating the blog over the last few months but those of you sat on the edges of your seats can look forward to our travels through France, Italy and Greece from this Easter till mid summer.


Here's some pics.


Our beach:


Caballeros at the festival:


The rock formations in Bolnuevo:


Phil's new friend:


The rest of the family:


The view from atop the mountain:

There's no way that's going back in its bag!
The bay next door;


Where's the grog?:


Another one of our beach.

My support band- Jokers Inc: ( ride Sally ride!!!)
















  1. Good to meet up and share a week with you, Safe journey back. It looks as though the French have invaded Portugal because they dare not go to Morocco because they were rude to Moslems. So much for free speech hey? Have you thought about DHL to return your surplus kit to UK? On the other hand with the exchange rate against the Euro we did see some nice bigger vans at a motorhome showroom the other day.

    1. We've managed to get everything in the garage with a bit of a squeeze. Packed now and leaving tomorrow for San Clemente, Pinto, Palencia and Santander. Sad to leave but we'll be back next winter. Enjoy Portugal,