Tuesday, 24 February 2015

The rain in Spain

Tuesday 24th February. 43.382937 -4.246116

We are parked up this evening at Camping El Helguero. We arrived yesterday after leaving the wildlife park looking for somewhere to park up for a couple of days before the ferry sails on Wednesday and needing electricity to charge our batteries. This campsite is officially closed but the young lass here took pity on us and showed us a couple of places where we could park up without sinking into the mud and gave us some free wifi. We received an email from Brittany ferries yesterday offering us the option of boarding the ferry which we could use as a "floating hotel". We could have used our cabin but we would have been unable to leave the ship and would have had to buy all our food and drink from their bars and restaurants. We decided not to take them up on the offer. Having said that, although it didn't suit us it was a nice gesture to those folk travelling in cars or as foot passengers as they would have had to find alternative accommodation for a couple of nights.

The campsite here would, I'm sure, be lovely in the summer but as it hasn't stopped raining since Sunday lunchtime I don't think we are seeing the best of it. At night, as we are the only people here and it's miles from anywhere, it's a bit like a location for a horror movie. Owls screech and doors slam somewhere in the wind. It's pitch black and a bit spooky.

Tomorrow we head off for the port to embark on the ferry, the lass here wished us bon voyage, said she wasn't working tomorrow and to lock up when we go and leave the keys on the windowsill.

So that's it really, the end of another trip. We're not really looking forward to the Bay of Biscay but I'm sure a brandy or two should settle the stomach. With any luck we'll be home on Friday morning. No pictures from the last few days but I'll end with one of Bolnuevo. Thanks for following and we'll be back again toward the end of March travelling through France, Italy and onward to Greece for a couple of months.







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  1. Hope you have a safe and calm crossing especially for you Phil. Sounds like a wise choice not taking up what was a kind offer by the ferry company. Weather here in the south has been windy! but dry with moderate sunshine. Look forward to your next adventure.