Friday, 20 February 2015

Pinto 40.238496 -3.690607

Friday 20th February.

We are parked up tonight at a Motorhome Aire de Service for €0.33 per hour, about €8 per day with all the usual facilities plus secure fencing, camera surveillance and a guard so we feel pretty safe although we would have parked here anyway without the added security. We are next to a shopping centre with all the usual high street shops plus a huge LeClerc with diesel at €1.00 per litre and long queues at the pumps. We are also next to the A4 motorway to Madrid and a fun fair, which we didn't notice when we arrived but which is now providing our soundtrack, thumping base, air horns and screaming teenagers. We're not complaining but I hope they close it down at midnight.

It's a bit of a shock really. We're not used to all the noise, traffic and hustle and bustle but I suppose it is to be expected as Pinto is almost a suburb of Madrid. Mind you, we soon got into the swing of things and took advantage of the strong pound against the euro and updated our wardrobe in H&M.

Tomorrow we set off for Palencia and if we can successfully navigate our way around Madrid we plan to take the A roads over the Sierra De Guadarrama rather than the motorway which should take us up to about 1500m with 2000m plus peaks on either side. The drive up from the south has been a bit boring up to now so I hope we get some good views tomorrow. No pics today, Pinto isn't terribly photogenic.



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