Friday, 2 January 2015

Random Thoughts from Bolnuevo

2nd of January and it's our Son's Birthday. Happy Birthday Dominic!!

We've been here for couple of months now and we've enjoyed every minute of our time here. When we started travelling in the Motorhome the plan was to see as many places as we could and keep moving but when you find a place like this with a great winter climate and make so many friends you kind of put down roots, shallow roots but deep enough that we won't be blown away for a few weeks yet.

Typical day - today we took the ten minute bus ride to Puerto Mazarron, bought a few bits at Lidle and the Chinese supermarket (we needed a new hosepipe after next door's cats chewed through ours!) Coffee in the sunshine and then a walk back to Bolnuevo, about 45minutes with a heavy rucksack full of shopping. Unload the shopping and down to the village for lunch; three delicious courses and a bottle of wine for €24. Back to the site and to bid farewell to a couple who are leaving tomorrow - a farewell drink that turned into a party. Scots, Irish, Germans and English; two terriers, a curly mongrel and four Burmese tri-colour mountain dogs provided the entertainment.

Christmas Day the sun shone and we had lunch on the terrace of a local restaurant with our friends Jenny and Chris - entertainment courtesy of an Elvis impersonator (good moves but a dodgy voice).

Saturday night and back to the Oasis restaurant/bar/club where I,once again, provided excellent backing vocals on "Mustang Sally". The same band are back in a fortnight and I really think they should pay me if they want me to help them out again.

New Years Eve was a bit strange. We'd arranged to go to the big on-site party to see the bells in but thought we'd have a drink or two down in the village beforehand. There are nine bar/restaurants in the village and seven of them were closed! Very strange. Midnight came and corks were popped, people were kissed and dances were danced. Different without family but good fun all the same.

Although we've really missed our family over the Christmas and New Year period we've been able to keep in touch via FaceTime and Viber. I don't know what we would have done if we'd had to queue up at the local phone box to keep in contact.

Not much more to add really other than to wish everybody who's read this blog a happy and peaceful 2015.

We'll be back when we start travelling again.

Pat & Phil

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