Monday, 3 November 2014


Monday 3rd November.


We're parked up tonight on a campsite in Altea. Just a bit further south actually, it's called Camping CAP-BLANCH and from the air it would look like a refugee camp but with big, big, big motorhomes, caravans and awnings. There is a kind of main street where people have set up pitches with a ground area larger than my house at home. There are 6ft satellite dishes, shrubs, enough solar lights for a small town, fridges, washing machines and, probably, small gymnasiums hidden under the awnings. I've never seen anything like it in my life. When we arrived we were given a site plan with the few available pitches highlighted and told to find a pitch and then come back to reception. We got lost. Seriously, we got lost. Eventually we chose a pitch, found our way back to reception and went through the long drawn out registration process and then parked up. There is one toilet and shower block and next time I go I'm taking sandwiches and a drink. And a compass. It's that far away. There are signs up asking that should we see any suspicious people we should report them to reception. How would we know? There must be best part of 1,000 people here! They all look suspicious to me.

Anyway, it's only for a night. Well, it's only for a night if we can find our way out again, if not we're here forever.

Last night we stayed on a small campsite in Calp, probably the tidiest, cleanest campsite we've ever seen. Unfortunately we didn't think too much of Calp. I'm not sure where we are going tomorrow. The plan was to keep following the coast, stopping at campsites that have been recommended by various people but that plan doesn't seem to be working quite well. Maybe we'll go back inland for a bit for some peace and quiet, we'll decide in the morning.

Meanwhile I've discovered why I couldn't upload pictures - IOS 8.bloody1 - that's why! Anyway, there's a way round it so here's a few pics from the last few days.


The view from the road on our way to Javia/Xabia.






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