Wednesday, 5 November 2014

A free night at last

Wednesday 5th November. 38.151168 -0.632396

We are parked up tonight in a car park in La Marina together with about forty other motorhomes! It's just 100 metres from a sandy beach and a nice bar/restaurant. We stopped last night at Santa Pola in a small Aire de Camping Car which was ok but miles from the town and the plan today was to check out a motorhome repair shop in Elche and a campsite not far from here. I'm having a few problems with the electrics in the van at the moment but the repair place we called at today wasn't much help. To the campsite then which,once again, was enormous. We parked up and asked if we could have a look around and the guy in the office said he couldn't tell us if we could stay until we told him how many nights we wanted to stop. We said we couldn't tell him that until we'd had a look around - stalemate. Anyway we did wander around the site which was more like a small village with bars, restaurants and clothes shops, not to our liking. As we drove through the town we had noticed a guy on a pushbike looking at us and he followed us onto the campsite and introduced himself. He was originally from Wallsend and had a house down in this area. He said he was interested in buying a motorhome and asked about our experiences. We chatted for a while and when we said we didn't much like the look of the campsite he suggested we drive back down the town and along to the beach where he had seen loads of motorhomes parked up and so here we are. If you're reading this Bill Brown, thanks for the tip.

It's amusing the folk you meet travelling about. A few days ago we came out of Lidl and as we got back to the van with the trolley noticed a couple having a good look around. They said they were interested because they had the same model van a few years ago and were surprised to see another one. We got chatting and they said they had bought the van with a view to driving around looking for a place to buy in Southern Europe. They had driven through France and Spain along the Mediterranean coast, up the Atlantic Coast of Portugal and then went back to the UK and bought a bungalow in Filey! Now they've bought another motorhome and were doing pretty much the same thing we are doing.

Tomorrow we are going to check out a couple of inland campsites, have a look around Murcia and then seek out an electrician in Alcantarilla who has been recommended and see if he can have a look at the van electrics. We've been disappointed with all the campsites we've looked at or stayed on so far it hopefully we may have better luck tomorrow. Haven't taken many photos lately but everyone loves a sunset eh?



ps I'm starting to put gps co-ordinates on the blog now, I should have done it from the start but better late than never.


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  1. Been following your blog since you got back on the road !
    Great idea posting the co ords will come in handy to many that follow your journeys. send to Phil so he can post on WC ?
    We are setting off next Wed for 6 months plan to do France Spain Morocco Italy Austria Germany Holland and Belgium
    Hope you get your MoHo sorted
    Best Wishes to you both have fun
    Marc & Sam