Thursday, 6 November 2014

Huerta de Alquerias 38.0052 -1.04229

Thursday 6th November.

We're parked up tonight in a superb little commercial Aire just outside of Huerta de Alquerias, ten or fifteen miles east of Murcia. It's €12 a night with all facilities including electricity and WiFi, not bad really. Mind, it's €.50 for a four minute shower which is plenty of time for me but about a minute and a half short for Phil.

This place was recommended to us by a German guy we met in France earlier in the year, he said he has been stopping here for years all through the winter and we have noted that there is a pitch next to us reserved from 20/11 - 20/4 so I'm guessing that's his. Now, nice as this place is I couldn't imagine stopping here for six months. We walked into town this evening and we're saving the other road till tomorrow, I'm sure there is more than one horse, we just haven't seen it yet. But there's a market tomorrow, should be fun.

I've still got a small electrical problem with the van so we drove to Alcantarilla, the other side of Murcia, today to see if an auto electrician who specialises in motorhomes could help us out. He had been recommended by another motorhomer but when we arrived at the location we couldn't find the premises. I found a car mechanic and asked there if they knew the guy I was looking for. A lot of gesticulation and I gathered that he'd moved. The guy gave me directions to find the new premises, about 30 miles south and I nodded and said "si" in all the appropriate places. After a minute or so he asked if I understood and when I first said yes and then admitted no he put his arm round me and gave me a nice kiss. I went and got the map. I think I know where I'm going now.

It's Thursday today and I can't really be bothered to drive all the way to try and find this auto electrician on a Friday only to be told he can't do anything till Monday so I think we may stop here over the weekend. It's pretty enough here, we are surrounded by citrus groves and if I had a bottle of gin I wouldn't have any problems finding a lemon. However Phil says I can't have any gin until I've finished the pastis and ouzo in the drinks cabinet (wardrobe).

No pictures today but I'm going to to take lots tomorrow so that's something for you all to look forward to.



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