Monday, 10 November 2014

Bolnuevo 37.562918 -1.302927

Monday 10th November.

We are parked up tonight at Camping Playa De Mazarron in Bolnuevo, about twenty miles south west of Categena. We've stayed here a couple of times before and it's a lovely campsite with a couple of pathways to a broad sandy beach. The facilities here are spotlessly clean and there's a small village with a few shops, bars and restaurants. There's not much more we need really. The regular bus service will take us to Port Mazarron, about ten minutes away, where there are all the shops and services we could need. So I think we'll stay here a while. They have good deals for stays of a month or longer so I think we'll stay and see how we like stopping on one spot for a while rather than constantly travelling.

Of course this will be anathema to our friends at but we came to Spain to escape the English weather and whilst we've had great times recently travelling and exploring different countries and locations I think we'll put down roots for a month or so now. So, the awning is out, the carpets are down and the screens are up. It's looking good. All the places we want to visit in Spain and Portugal will still be there for us in a month or so.

We left Huerta de Alquerias this morning and set off for Cartegana, once again looking for a motorhome electrical engineer who could, hopefully, sort out our problem. No luck, we'll have to wait till we get back to the UK before we can have the problem resolved but we bought a few bits and pieces in the shop that we needed so it wasn't a completely wasted journey.

So now we're going to settle down for a bit so maybe the blog won't be too exciting (if it ever was eh?) but we'll still keep posting so friends and family know what we're up to. I think the plan after a day or so is to pop in to Port Mazarron and hire a couple of bikes. We did want to buy a motor scooter to stick on the back of the van to give us a bit of flexibility when we were parked up for a while but weight restrictions put an end to that plan but now I've found something even better! Have a look at this - . Or this - There are some great reviews on you tube, have a look.

I promised some pics so here are a couple from the last few days.

Views from the citrus groves.



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