Saturday, 2 April 2016


Saturday 2nd April 2016

We're parked up this afternoon in a car park next to the small football stadium at Santa Coloma de Cervello 41.365406 2.025389, a few miles north of Barcelona. It took us a few hours driving along the N340 & A7 to get here and it's a pretty scenic drive for the most part. A stop at Lidl and a coffee stop on the way and after an early start for us (10am) we were here for 2.30pm.
Lunch and then a walk around the village which was far more interesting than we had anticipated. Here's the story:

Well, it would have been a story - in fact it would have been a photo or several photos but after spending an hour trying to upload photos to the blog I discover that Blogsy is no longer on the App Store and neither is the company behind Blogsy! Photos can no longer be uploaded! Support is no longer available!

So what might have been an interesting post about the Modernist Colony here and the church designed by Gaudi and our walk through the pretty town and the second half of the football match in the stadium (don't know the final score but the locals scored thrice in the 2nd half despite having a man (boy?) sent off) and a few pretty photos to add local colour, what you have now instead is a very, very angry blogger - and no photos.

I haven't used Blogsy for a while so was unaware of this situation until today. Here is what they have to say:
Blogsy II) which would work with the latest version of iOS. Unfortunately, due to the changes in iOS, Blogsy II would become sluggish and basically unusable after dragging in only a few media items (photos or vidoes).
Given the fact that the sales of Blogsy have been so low for quite some time, we would not be able to recoup our investment to rebuild Blogsy from the ground up in hopes that there could be a solution to this sluggishness.
Therefore we have removed Blogsy from the app store and there will be no new version. We have also removed PUPS from the App Store.
Fomola, the company behind Blogsy and PUPS, has been shut down.
Thank you to all of you that have helped along the way and all those that have sent emails of support, encouragement and praise. It was a great experience and memory.
This is one failure closer to success  

I have no words to describe my frustration with this. Half the fun of our travels was spending time in the evenings talking about our travels and adventures and posting photos of where we had been and what we had seen. We can't do all of this any more. I can still keep a "diary" and post that but it's no fun without the accompanying photos.
So unless I can find another platform to host the blog, one which was as easy to use as Blogsy, then I'm sacking the whole thing. Back to postcards eh?


  1. If it helps, we also have a Blogspot blog and I use the 'Blogger' app when on the road. It works fine for me and I find it really easy to use:


  2. Hi Paul, thanks for your comment, we use Blogger but I am unable to upload photos directly as I could previously. There used to be a column on the r/h side bar giving me options as to where I would pull the photos from, picasa, phone, photo library etc. This has now vanished. I've got a workaround but it's long winded. Blogger, by the way, is no longer on the App Store.