Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Girona to Agde

Wednesday 6th April.

We've had no WiFi for a few days so it's time to catch up and mention where we've been. On Monday we arrived in Girona, a lovely city we last visited some ten years ago. Last time we were in a small hotel but this time in a dedicated Motorhome parking area 41.98393 2.81384 where it was only a ten minute walk to the old town. Well, it would have been a ten minute walk but I shunned the map supplied to us saying that I knew the way and anyway would be able to recognise some landmarks. An hour later we found the old town! Nothing much had changed but when we were here before it was St George's day when men traditionally give roses to ladies and ladies give books to men. Not a bad deal eh? Then the streets were full of booksellers and florists but this time a little quieter. We had a lovely meal in the restaurant Boira at the Placa de la Independencia overlooking the Riu Onyar and the Pont de Sant Agusti and then found our way back to the van in ten minutes! The water pump for the onboard fresh water had been making odd noises for a few days but, like all clever motorhomers I had a spare. Unfortunately the connecting hose was too short for the new pump so off I set to the ferreterias for some more hose. First one didn't have it, second one - which was like Arkwright's shop - did have. Back to the van and twenty minutes later - no more squeeking pump!! When we returned a Dutch couple with a couple of dogs had parked next to us and we introduced ourselves. Can't remember their names but one of their dogs was called Jacqueline. "We used to call it Jacky" they said "But in France Jacky is a flasher! So we changed her name!" Hmm, is this true?

We planned to stop another day in Girona but on Monday night it poured down with rain and continued the next morning with no sign of abating. No point trudging round in a deluge so we set off for Saint-Cyprien and another Motorhome site on the edge of the Marina 42.61797 3.03524. A barrier again where we took our Entry/Exit card for use when we departed and then went for a walk in the rain around a pretty tourist destination which I'm sure would have been even prettier had the sun been shining. But we did find a laundrette which washed our clothes and provided shelter from the rain. We knew we were in France because whilst waiting for the washing we called in the bar next door. Two beers which in Spain would cost €2.40 were cheerfully supplied for €5.20. Cheers!

I was a bit worried about the procedure for exiting the car park as I had read that another English couple had to phone for the attendant to let them out because their card didn't work. I waited until a French van went to leave and then asked the lady passenger if I could watch while she went through the procedure. She patiently explained to me what I had to do until her husband shouted "He's English, he doesn't know what you're talking about! That's why he wants to watch!!!" Aah, lovely. Anyway ten minutes later and we were paid, out and on the road. 

A much better day today, sunshine and blue skies. A lovely drive to Agde where we are parked up in a car park 43.285565 3.517241 controlled by the local campsite. They want €23 for the campsite or €10 for the car park and as we've done the washing it's a no-brainer really. We've had a massive lunch of all the bits cluttering up the fridge and when the sun drops a bit we'll go and explore the beach and Marina. No Photos, not because I can't upload them but because I haven't taken any!

Tomorrow we set off for Aigues  Mortes. Last time we visited here was with our eldest daughter and her family. It was a scorching hot day and her eldest son was not in the best of moods in his pushchair.(Phil has just pointed out that it must have been 18 years ago!!) I thought it was a great day; I went off with my son in law and we had Moules Frittes and a bottle of Chablis in the shade. Happy days. 


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