Thursday, 31 March 2016

On the move again

Thursday 31st March

After six months in Bolnuevo we've finally set off again en route for Greece. We've got a ferry booked from Ancona on the 22nd April so we can have a leisurely three week drive through Spain, France and northern Italy.
It was a bit of a wrench to leave Bolnuevo, we met up with so many friends from the last two years and made many more friendships over the last six months. The village is a special place for us now and we will be returning next winter.
So after a four hour drive today we are parked up on the edge of the town of Jalance 39.187427 -1.076175. We stopped here eighteen months ago on our way to the Costa Calida and the adjacent restaurant which was owned by a couple of English guys was very busy and the food was delicious. But few things stay the same, the restaurant has changed hands and we were the only folk looking for lunch "Salad and Paella?" asked the elderly owner as she coughed and spluttered her way round the dining room fighting to be heard over the TVs at either end of the room at full volume which nobody was watching. "Yes please" we replied as there seemed to be no other options. Now, I'm not saying the paella had been sat in the pan for a couple of hours, it might have been longer, and I'm sure the rabbit was juicy and succulent when it was first cooked and nothing like the chewy, dried up meat that arrived on our plates. 'Never go back' is an adage we would do well to remember.
But the overnight parking is free and there's fresh water to fill up the tank in the morning.
Tomorrow we'll set off for a dedicated Motorhome parking site near Peniscola which supposedly has free WiFi and showers for the princely sum of €7. There's a restaurant too - watch this space.



  1. Yeah good to see your back blogging again my toilet breaks have been boring. What happen to your foot, heard you had a little fall? X x x

  2. Hi Miguel, good to hear from you! Fell off my bike and the doc says I've done a bit of tendon damage, I'm guessing Mo passed on the news. Recovering ok, as us young folk do! We've only started travelling again to liven up your toilet breaks, take care, love to you and the family. See you in July for more Jaffa tape and cable ties. Pat