Friday, 29 May 2015

Gefyra to Gythio and then Crete!!!

Friday 29th May Camping Gythion Bay 36.72795 22.54628.

We are parked up this afternoon on a campsite a few kilometres outside Gythion Bay. We stopped here last year for a couple of days, it has everything we need and the reason we are here will become apparent shortly.

Yesterday we drove from Gefyra but not until Phil had searched out a hairdressers. I have to say she needed one. While I did a bit of shopping and topped up the water the hairdresser did a wonderful job in giving Phil a 2015 Cilla Black look, very nice. I hardly recognised her as I sat waiting for her in a cafe enjoying a coffee and looking out over the harbour. However now the effect of the straighteners has worn off it's not too bad a haircut at all. We set off toward Neapoli which is almost the most southerly point in the Pelleponese but it wasn't really for us. A little bit "touristy" as our friend Bernd would say so after a sandwich and a coffee we headed north up the main road, diverting down to the coast wherever we thought there might be a pretty town or harbour to stop the night. Plitra looked good so we dropped down along one of the widest roads we had ever seen until we reached the harbour 36.68773 22.83889. Both ends of the town were basically a construction site where new drainage pipes were being laid but we parked up and spied a small, dark cafe. An elderly lady came out and I asked if she could make a couple of Fredo Cappucinos, our favourite coffee based drink. She disappeared and a moment later her husband came out asking what we would like. We explained that we had already ordered and he said they couldn't make a fredo as they had no espresso machine. No problem, one Greek coffee and one frappe please. Five minutes later two cold, in fact not cold but tepid, milky coffees arrived. It reminded us of Italy last year when we ordered two fredo Cappucinos and got tepid milky coffee. Anyway, we held our noses and drank the coffee and moved on. Plitra is another town that looks like it could be really busy during the holiday season. A small beach, a pretty harbour and half a dozen bars and tavernas. Unfortunately we are a bit early in the season and these places haven't really opened up yet.

Half an hour further up the road and we dropped down to Tigania Beach. A large restaurant with terraces leading down to a lovely long clean beach looked promising but "No Camping" signs and no lights on in the restaurant had us worried for a moment. But the restaurant was open, we had a lovely leisurely meal and the owner said we would be ok if we stopped the night on the beach 36.73863 22.81050.


This morning we set off with no real plans other than a stop at Lidl in Skala for a few supplies and once this task was accomplished we headed down to Gythio hoping we would find a parking spot on the harbour and then have a walk around town and a coffee. The town is always busy but we parked up ok and on a whim called into the ferry agents we used last year for our crossing from Greece to Italy and asked how much a ferry would be to Crete. She gave us a price and we went off to have a think. A proper coffee by the harbour, a quick chat and twenty minutes later we were back and we've booked it. Tomorrow at 3.40pm we set off for a week or two in Crete!! So we've called in at this campsite for some "domestics", Phil's washed all our clothes, the van's been cleaned and we're ready to go tomorrow.

We've been to Crete a half dozen times before but never in the Motorhome and we're excited at the thought of meeting up with folk we've met before and discovering places we've not seen. I just hope I can find a bar showing the Cup Final on Sunday.



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