Sunday, 17 May 2015

Blue Dolphin

Sunday 17th May Blue Dolphin campsite Corinth 37.93528 22.86583.

We've been here at Blue Dolphin campsite for 4 days now not doing very much at all. Just sitting by the sea and relaxing. It's a medium sized site with half a dozen prime pitches facing the beach and we were lucky when we got here and nabbed a good one. Plenty of space to spread out and listen to the waves lapping against the beach. Not to say we're not getting any exercise, it's a two and a half mile walk up to the town of Lecheo where we found a little cafe with delicious Fredo Cappucino at a mere €1.70. On the walk back we stop at a swish seafront bar where we buy have another one for €3.20 but they do include a small piece of cake as well.

Some excitement this afternoon when a couple of guys came tearing into the campsite in their car, leaped out and ran on to the beach with worried expressions on their faces. They returned a half hour later carrying a canoe and with a young lad, maybe eight or nine years old, trudging behind them. Asking the locals we discovered that the lad had been in the sea further around the coast, almost at Corinth, and been unable to paddle back to shore. The wind and the current had taken him around the bay and his dad and his pal had been driving frantically around the bay trying to rescue him. Anyway, all's well that ends well.

So tomorrow we set off for Epidavros, the heart of medicine and healing, which I'm hoping won't be another jumble of old stones. (Full report to follow.) From there down to a little finger into the sea which, I think, is called Argolida because we've not been there before - have I just split an infinitive?


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