Sunday, 26 October 2014


Sunday 26th October.

We spent another lovely day yesterday in San Sebastián, warm sunshine had brought lots of folk onto the beaches, particularly the under 12s, seven a side football matches. Full size goals were erected on the beach and all the games were refereed with parents and friends cheering the young lads, and lasses on from the sidelines. After watching for a while we inevitably found ourselves back in the old town sampling the Pinxtos again. The bars were much busier, it being a Saturday but we squeezed into the busiest ones and had more treats including trying the local Cidre. It's very dry and not too bubbly but the bartenders compensate by pouring it into the glass from a great height, very showy and very effective. One bar even had it on draught with the spout at an angle at head height, the glass is held about six feet away at knee height and they never miss or spill a drop, great fun to watch and even better to drink.

The only downside to the day was Phil slipping as she got into the van, gashing her shin quite badly. She was very brave though and after some repairs managed to walk around the city again with few complaints. One strange thing about San Sebastián is that although we found two lovely old churches and the Cathedral they were all closed and locked up. Good job I wasn't in urgent need of having my confession heard.

Today we set off for Burgos, arriving early afternoon. We stopped at a campsite, our first since we left home and,as we have quite a bit of washing to do,after checking in asked where the washing machines were only to be told they weren't accessible until tomorrow. I suppose Monday has always been washing day eh?

We had planned to set off for Madrid tomorrow but talking to someone on a motorhome forum they have suggested we head off to canyon de Los Rio Lobos about a couple of hours south east of here and then to Lac Gallocanta where we may see cranes although I'm not sure whether it's the right time of year or not ( if you're reading this Alan, thanks for the tip).

When we arrived here earlier in the year it was also a Sunday and today, like before, the bar/cafe was packed with local folk having a drink or something to eat after walking in the local woodland. We went to the bar today, got a drink after fighting our way through the crowds and then I went back to order some food. It was crazy and although the bar staff were doing their best I was struggling to get served amongst all the locals so if anyone knows the Spanish for "Hey, am I ******* invisible" I'd be grateful if you'd pass it on.

Football on the beach.

Slice of ham?



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