Thursday, 30 October 2014

40 years ago today- Rope a dope.

Thursday 30th October.

We're parked up tonight in a motorhome parking area kindly provided by the town of Jalance, however the Mayor will punish us if we misbehave.

We arrived here after a drive through some beautiful countryside, first mixed woodland and pretty villages then thick pine forests, a stunning drive in glorious sunshine. Next to the parking area is a restaurant/bar and we called in for a beer, as you do, and were greeted by the English owner who told us that if we were interested he was offering a three course meal with wine and coffee for €9. Well, it would have been rude not to so after setting up the van we went back and had a truly delicious meal and a cheeky brandy to follow. When I went to pay the chef had come out of the kitchen and it turned out he was joint owner, or at least I think he was. I asked what his story was but the cheeky brandy prevented me from remembering his answer. Anyway we decided that the guys setting up the PA for tomorrow night's Karaoke were doing a "botched job" (his words) and when the barmaid asked what we were talking about as her husband was one of the guys setting up we had to get the Spanish/English dictionary out for a translation. Cue barmaid and husband crying with laughter. Obviously a siesta was required and the plan was to walk up to explore the town in early evening. Hmmm, siesta, cup of tea, shower and it's pitch black, the bar's closed for the night and there's not another vehicle in the car park. We vaguely know the way to town but maybe we'll leave that till tomorrow. Maybe we'll stop for the Karaoke too!!

Restaurant with the ruined castle above.

View from our parking place.

The adjacent Pelota court (spot the dog)



Forty years ago, 4am, Kinshasha. Ali was 40-1 to win the fight. Three and a half years out of the ring for refusing to fight in Vietnam, 32 years old, a couple of warm up fights and then Joe Frazier. Oh my Lord.

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