Friday, 17 October 2014

Back in shorts & flip flops!!

Thursday 17th October.

Obviously there will be no mention of SIM cards, WiFi or the like today. I promise.

We set off from Bellac this morning in watery sunshine after another night of torrential rain and then,after half an hour, it clouded over again. But as we arrived in Perigueux the sun came out, not just an English autumn sun but a full on "where are my shorts and sandals?" sun. We expected Perigueux to be a bit dreary after reading the guide book last night but the parts we saw this afternoon were delightful. We are parked up on the river Isle and a five minute walk along the river bank brought us to the Cathedral,parts of which date back to the eleventh century, and the medieval part of town. Plenty of designer shops and patisseries but this is Dordognshire after all and it's to be expected. The town just up the road, Thiviers, is the centre of Fois Gras production and almost every second shop and all the supermarkets round about are full of jars and tins of the stuff. You wouldn't want to be a goose around here.

Tomorrow we set off for Sarlat-la-Caneda to meet up with Paul and Chris with whom we spent a happy time in Morocco earlier in the year. Paul it was, you may remember, who published the photo of me surfing on the kitchen table in our motorhome. The kitchen table he was supposed to be holding lest I fell and broke my neck whilst carrying out repairs. Sarlat has a highly recommended Saturday market and the plan is to get up bright and early tomorrow to hit the market and buy all the goodies while they are still rubbing the sleep out of their eyes. Unfortunately I don't think we have ever been up before them yet so I imagine we will be wandering around the market tomorrow just as all the stalls are closing. I'm setting the alarm anyway.

View across the river toward the Cathedral.

The Cathedral of Saint Front.

For no other reason than its ten years old, a great picture.





  1. I love the pics of the cathedral, your last post sounded like you were going to lose your shit (understandably) at the wifi and detour issues- you never quite got there...but I think would have liked to have read that...a mini breakdown in blog form! I'm a masochist, what can I say?! Carmel xxx

  2. Hey Carmel, have you EVER known me to lose my s**t ? 😉