Sunday, 12 June 2016



Sunday 12th June.

This morning we were woken at 6.30 by a thunderstorm - quick, close all the roof windows!! The rain lasted a few hours and washed the last of the sand of the roof and the bird s**t off the windscreen. We set off for Asti, which according to the guides didn't have much to recommend it but wasn't too far away but after a coffee stop and then a sandwich stop we decided to push on to Susa, (45.13869 7.05297) which was going to be tomorrow's stop. We like Susa, we stopped here last year on our way back through Italy from Greece and it's a pretty little town with lots of narrow streets and alleyways:

An impressive church tower:

Not too sure what's going on here:

Last year we intended to travel to St Etienne via Grenoble not realising this meant travelling through the Tunnel du Frejus. It's all a bit embarrassing now when we think back but the tunnel is nearly 15 kilometres long through the mountains and the cost was €47. "How Much?" we exclaimed before causing chaos while they opened barriers and gates so we could turn around and go the long way round. This would have been ok apart from the fact that the road on our chosen route was closed and we had to make a massive detour and spent the whole day driving. Tomorrow I've found another route, again avoiding the tunnel, and skirting the Parc National de la Vanoise. It looks like we only get up to about 2,500 metres so I'm hoping the road will be open. I'll check with the tourist office in the morning.

There's been a car rally up in the mountains today and the cars have just returned to the car park here.

A few pics for the petrol heads:



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