Tuesday, 7 June 2016


Tuesday 7th June.

Ammoudia is truly beautiful and not the kind of place that many people, other than Greeks, or motorhomers, would visit. The beach is superb, gently shelving sand, which means you have to walk out about fifty metres until the water is up to your chest, less if you are a small person, obviously. There are a few hotels, half a dozen tavernas, a couple of cafes, a mini market and that's about it. The nearest airport is on Corfu, the nearest port is at Igoumenitsa, 55 kilometres away and the nearest bus stop is a 15 kilometre walk. It's lovely and peaceful and I reckon if we stayed here a week we'd know everyone in the village. And that's one of the reasons why we love this life in a Motorhome. We are fortunate to see these kinds of places.

The weather forecast said we should expect thunderstorms this morning at 11 o'clock but folk laughed at me when I told them. Sure enough it was a beautiful sunny day when we awoke with not a cloud in the sky. A quick trip to the mini market and then Phil took to the beach while I did some fishing - it's a good job we've got some tuna and sardines in tins! After lunch it was back to the beach for a spot of paddling and we noticed a few white clouds gathering over the hills behind us. At five o'clock it was black and then after a lightning flash and clap of thunder immediately overhead the heavens opened. We sat in the van for an hour and then the storm passed and the sun came out again. It was still warm enough to dry the ground and looking around now you wouldn't think we had seen a drop of rain.

Shortly after the storm passed the evening boat traffic started, here's a selection as they chugged past our front door. Hope you like pictures of boats:

Here's a snapshot of where we are parked 39.23622 20.47984:

And here's one showing the places we have stopped this time in Greece:

Tomorrow we are heading for a campsite just the other side of Igoumenitsa to empty and fill the appropriate containers and top up with diesel and LPG before we catch the ferry on Thursday back to Ancona in Italy.



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