Saturday, 18 July 2015

The last few days.

Saturday 18th July. Le Crotoy 50.21868 1.63395

Parked up this afternoon on a massive Camping Car parking area next to the harbour at Le Crotoy in Normandy. There must be space for a couple of hundred vans here, it's almost full and there is another parking area on the other side of town as well. It's not the most elegant of parking areas but like Honfleur a few days ago we really appreciate the fact that there are parking and water and waste facilities here on such a large scale. It's €6/24 hrs which we consider reasonable. It's a shame there aren't comparable facilities in the UK. The weather is glorious today and we've been for a walk around the pretty town which has plenty of seafood restaurants and shops and stalls selling fresh fish and seafood. The other side of the harbour also has a long soft sandy beach which is spotlessly clean and it's nice to see a beach without hundreds of loungers and umbrellas.

Yesterday we stopped at Dieppe 49.93136 1.08680 at the newly refurbished Aire next to the ferry port. We arrived at just after 2pm and managed to get the last parking place! The entry is barrier controlled and folk were parked up outside waiting for people to leave before they could enter. We've stopped at Dieppe before and find it reminds us of Whitby which it certainly did yesterday as it was cold and raining. Nevertheless we went for a walk around town in the evening and got suitably drenched. We walked past another camping car park on the other side of the harbour and that was full also. There must have been at least a couple of hundred vans parked up last night. This coastline certainly gets busy in the summer months.

It's nearly the end of this trip now, tomorrow we will stop overnight about 50 miles up the road at Wissant (if the car park isn't full!) we take the tunnel on Monday morning and after a couple of stops in England arrive home next Wednesday. We left home on the 25th March and we've travelled just over 6,000 miles to date and stopped overnight at 75 different locations in France, Italy and Greece. We've taken 4 ferry crossings and tried, whenever possible to avoid motorways and tolls but not always successfully. We've met some lovely people, especially in Greece and Crete, enjoyed some beautiful weather, seen some amazing sights and eaten some delicious food. When we get home I'll try and post a blog with more details of the trip for those folk who like details. Meanwhile if anyone reading this would like the route of the trip and the places we stopped at with descriptions, if you leave your email address in the comments section I'll forward the info to you in kml/kmz format which you can open with Google Earth or

Thanks to everyone who has been reading this for the last few months, especially you folk who left comments. We'll be back on the road again late August or early September until then........ Ta ta,

Pat & Phil


  1. Map of travel would be interesting - we travelled to Greece last year and looking to do it again.


  3. Hi Stanski,
    Email to you on it's way to you shortly with info on our two trips to Greece. Hope you find it useful.