Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Saint Etienne and Montpeyroux.

Tuesday 7th July Montpeyroux. 45.62455 3.20106.

We've spent a lovely few days with our daughter and her family in Saint Etienne and, miracle of miracles, we managed to park just opposite her house and drive away without causing any damage to the van. The last two occasions we've visited have resulted in a new window (first visit) and bodywork repairs (second visit) to the van and a dislocated pier cap to my daughter's house and a bent bollard. No such problems this time though, we arrived and left unscathed. Our daughter went to France for a holiday 27 years ago and forgot to come back and sometimes quite a long time would go by without us seeing her but with the Motorhome that's all changed. One of the benefits of retirement and being able to travel wherever and whenever we want to.

We left the UK on this trip on the 25th March, obviously looking forward to some warm weather as we drove south toward Greece. Generally the weather has been kind to us; we've had some rain and a few storms but it's been ok over the last few months, especially the last month or so in Greece. But the last fortnight has been unbearably hot. Daytime temperatures have hovered just below the 40deg C mark and for the last week or so they haven't dropped much at night either. As we drove up the A75 today the overhead signs on the gantry were advising drivers to stay hydrated during the heatwave, that's how hot it is.

We needed a supermarket today as we had emptied the fridge at our daughters house so needed some fresh food and vegetables. Although we mostly took the back roads today we didn't think we would have much trouble finding somewhere but we were wrong. Not to worry we thought, we'll pick up a few things in Montpeyroux and we walked down and then up to the village in the blazing heat to find........nothing. Montpeyroux is one of those living museums which seem to exist just for tourists. It's pretty enough but unless you want some overpriced local produce or an expensive meal there's not much else to spend your money on. Hunger drove us back down the motorway to the nearest Lidl, some 10km South and having stocked up we returned to the car park here. This is all you'll want to know about Montpeyroux.

Oh yes, and there's a petting farm next to the car park. Err, no, me neither. Especially in this heat eh?



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