Monday, 27 April 2015

The Brothers Zampetas

Monday 27th April 40.502689 22.970953.

Just a short drive today to Zampetas repair shop and overnight parking place. You can stop overnight here even if you're not having any work done and there's everything you could want. Toilets, shower, WiFi, Electricity,washing machine, water and it's all for free. We arrived about 10am and by half past two they'd repaired the bodywork, fitted a new tap and waste in the kitchen, put a new seal on the roof joint, fixed the air leak on the air suspension and even repaired the mirror which I clouted on the way here this morning. I can't speak highly enough about the guys here.

As a bonus there are two English couples here as well and we swapped stories of where we'd been and where we're going. One couple have been here a week, having a few repairs carried out and then waiting for a green insurance card from England so they can continue their journey back home via the eastern Adriatic. They've been travelling for eighteen months now through Scandinavia, Western Europe and Turkey and told us that Finland is a "must see" country. It was a good atmosphere tonight with several nationalities sharing a bar-b-q.

There's plenty of water at Zampetas and I was shamed into washing the van this afternoon once the repairs had been carried out. I wouldn't say the van was gleaming but at least you can see what colour it is now and a few hundred dead bugs have been removed.

I haven't been able to post photos since we arrived in Greece so I'll make up for it now courtesy of Zampetas WiFi.

Our ferry from Italy.


The Taverna where we stopped overnight in Kalpaki.


Vikos Gorge.




The road to Mikro Papingo.


Our overnight stop near Agapi.


Overnight stop at Agios Pandelimonas by Lake Vegoritida.


Tomorrow we are setting off for Dion; we've been here four days now so it's time we visited some jumbles of stones. Sorry, sites of archeological interest.











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