Sunday, 26 April 2015

Hard work today for some, but not us.

We drove today from our parking place outside the bar. The bar got busy last night with what looked like farm workers turning up in beaten up 4X4 pick ups and battered Fiat Puntos and their derivatives. Meanwhile a half dozen tricked up BMWs and Mercedes with blacked out windows cruised up and down the street. At times it felt a little like the Wild West.

This morning we drove through miles and miles of fruit orchards and nut trees, most of which were in flower but unfortunately we didn't know enough about the trees to identify them. We arrived here in Agios Vasilios 40.6666 23.11906,about midday. When we stayed here last year it was a run down children's play area and picnic spot, overgrown and litter strewn but today....... It looked like all the village had turned out on a big clean up programme. There must have been nearly a hundred folk with strimmers, lawn mowers, chain saws, shovels and brooms. I don't know what time they started but they finished about two o'clock and the place has been transformed. The kids swings and slides had been replaced or repaired, there are now planters with flowers in and the rubbish has all been swept up. Well done to the folk of Agios Vasilios!! Unfortunately they've capped off all the water taps that were here before but an exploratory walk up to the village and we soon discovered a tap, I don't think you are ever more than a mile or so away from a tap in Greece.

Today is the hottest day since we arrived, it must be in the high twenties today and whilst it looks like there are some interesting walks around I think we'll wait till the sun drops a bit before we go exploring.

Well, we didn't explore because I followed the Arsenal-Chelsea game on a live update feed and then it was time for supper. At least we're not playing for fourth place these days, we're going for second! That's the thing about football, there's always next season.

Apologies for the absence of photos lately but we should have some decent WiFi tomorrow so I'll try and upload some pics from the last few days.



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