Monday, 3 April 2017

Back on the road again


Monday 3rd April 2017

We left Bolnuevo on Saturday after a very enjoyable 5 months or so. Well, there were a couple of months when it wasn't so enjoyable for Phil as she dislocated her ankle on Christmas Eve. A few weeks in a wheelchair, a bit longer on crutches, lots of physiotherapy and no dancing! The patient made a full recovery although she's still not quite ready for long walks in the mountains. We had great support from our friends in Bolnuevo; someone lent us a wheelchair - two actually as we managed to break one of them. Then they lent us some crutches and we had a rota of folk to drive us to and from the clinic 5 days a week for Phil's physio. I don't know what we would have done without their help and kindness. 

The closest Phil got to dancing for a few weeks:
Some weeks later:
When Phil was able to get out and about without my help I managed a couple of walks in the Espuna National Park, one of which was a seven hour hike up to the 4th highest peak at 1500m. Pretty gruelling but worth it for the views:
One of the highlights during our stay at the campsite at Bolnuevo is the Sardine and Sangria day that the staff provide for us, in fact they provide 2 and I don't know how many sardines they cook but here they are carrying one of the trays from the fire pit:
But eventually we decided we needed to start moving again slowly toward the Cevenne where we will spend Easter with our daughter and her family and then slowly head up to Zeebrugge for a ferry home on the 5th May. Saturday night we stopped at Ibi for no reason other than it wasn't too long a drive for our first day's traveling. Not much happening in Ibi. Yesterday we stopped at Riba-Roja de-Turia which was a delightful town with lovely river walks and a pretty old town. I've had no WiFi for a couple of days and was desperate for the football score yesterday and as we weren't far from Valencia, who were playing Deportivo I reckoned I could find a bar with the match on and hopefully blag some WiFi and sure enough I was successful, which is more than could be said for my team. Today we are at a campsite in Peniscola which we have christened Colditz as it is nigh on impossible to escape here without the appropriate key. We only stopped here as Phil is still not up to walking long distances and this was the nearest place to the Old Town which we wanted to visit.  Peniscola Old Town and a nearly completed last supper sand sculpture:
Tomorrow we set off for a Cava vineyard or museum (I'm not sure which!) Pat


  1. No Greece this year ? in Florida.

  2. Hi David. We're giving Greece a rest this year but going back in Spring 2018.