Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Portugese Roundabouts

Wednesday 5th October.

We've been to a few countries in Europe over the last few years in the Motorhome and consequently crossed a few roundabouts - well, gone around them anyway. So they're the kind of thing you notice. Spain do some good ones, France has some nice ones as does Greece. In England it's generally a few bedding plants sponsored by an Estate Agent or Retirement Home. But here in Portugal they know how to do it properly and in the last few days we've seen some great ones. Braganca had some massive weird ones and here in Belmonte they have a flock of sheep, a couple of goats and a shepherd with a fag in his mouth on a roundabout on the minorist of minor roads. Just round the corner (roundabout?) there's one with a guy at the foot of a ladder leading nowhere just looking up at the sky. I'm thinking there's a competition going on here to see which town can produce the most unusual or bizarre roundabout feature. When I've finally got some photos on my Ipad I'll post them. That is if I don't get run down as I run into the middle of the road to take a pic.

Tonight we are parked up in Belmonte (40.36383 -7.34094) where the canned fruit comes from. Oops, sorry that's Del Monte of course. Anyway we're parked next to the Bus Station ( 2 buses in the last 6 hours - I feel sorry for the lass in the ticket office) and we can look up to the castle. In fact this afternoon we walked up to the castle. On cobblestones. In Flipflops. 24 flights climbed my phone tells me. It was ok but I reckon if you've seen one ruined castle you've seen 'em all. Coming down the cobblestones in Flipflops wasn't any easier than going up and Phil doesn't seem particularly interested in massaging my calves so I'll just have to suffer.

Last night we stopped at Braganca, another dedicated Motorhome parking area (41.80405 -6.74597) which has space for about 30 vans and which was full last night. Again we were overlooked by a castle and I ventured up last night for a look. On cobblestones. In Flipflops. Can you see a pattern emerging here? Anyway, a fine castle it was under the floodlights.

Wow, its 9.45pm and another bus has just arrived, the Citi Express, no less. One person alighted. Although the activity has drawn my attention to the ubiquitous boy and girl in the bus shelter scenario so I'll draw the blinds so as not to embarrass them eh?

Tomorrow we head for Villa Vella de Radao and hopefully (please, please, please) I'll be able to post some pictures. We stopped there last year and, if I remember, the WiFi is pretty good.


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