Monday, 11 July 2016

Back in the UK.

Monday 11th July. We've been back in England now for a week and back home in Bingley for the last ten days. Hectic ten days. We've been traveling through Europe for nine months and for most of that time our daughter and her family were living in our house. She moved out a few months ago which made us think long and hard as to what we would be doing over the next few years. We love our life traveling and spending the winters in Spain and want to carry on doing this for as long as we are able, hopefully for a good few years yet. So we decided to let our house using a local agency which is why we've had a hectic ten days. Going through the house room by room deciding what we had to keep and what we would like to keep and how we would dispose of the stuff that has to go. Naively I thought that I would take a few pictures of the furniture we no longer needed, post them on Gumtree at a sensible price and in a few days it would all be gone. Well, that plan isn't working out too well. We've given quite a lot of stuff away to friends and family but still have half a dozen pieces of large furniture to dispose of somehow. We're lucky that our house has two dry cellars, one a utility room, and we'll use the other one to store smaller items but it has a very narrow door so we can't get large prices through! We filled a skip today with stuff that nobody wanted and had no value other than sentimental, in a few cases, so we are at last beginning to see the wood for the trees. When we've finally, hopefully, got rid of the last pieces of furniture then we have four or five rooms plus the stairs and landings to decorate. Fortunately my brother-in-law is a decorator.  I suppose we've had it easy for the last three years; swanning around Europe chasing the sun and enjoying ourselves without a care in the world so the last week or so has been a bit of a reality check. But hopefully in a couple of months we'll be back on the road and all this hard work and stress will be behind us. I don't usually post on the blog while we are at home but I've invested in a new iPad and lost the Blogsy platform which I have been using since I started and so I'm trying out BlogPad Pro and rambling on here to test it out. I'm going to try and add a couple of pics and see how it goes.  We had the van reupholstered by a firm in Ilkeston on the way back, smart eh?
                      Just some of the stuff for the skip/charity shop:
So, that's all for now. Keep looking, we'll be back on the road soon.  Pat

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