Sunday, 15 May 2016

Kotronas and Mavrovouni

Sunday 15th May.(St Totteringham's Day)

Our daily driving is hardly exerting, our last four journeys have been 18,6,10 and today another 18 miles from Kotronas to a campsite just outside Mavrovouni. We've been in Greece since the 23rd April and whilst we spent nearly a fortnight at Finikounda we've still only travelled 358 miles and that includes one journey of 106 miles. So, hardly the kind of mileage we do in other southern Mediterranean countries and coupled with very little traffic makes for a stress free day.

We've spent the last couple of days at Kotronas, parked up on the harbour (36.61880 22.49418) looking out at Kolokithia Bay with mountains behind and to the side of us, stunning:



We met Kev and Liz this morning at Kotronas, I'd seen their Motorhome parked next to the beach at Finikounda and Kev recognised mine from the distinctive painted mirrors. They're on an extended tour of Europe and into week 10, you can read about their adventures here:

We swopped places to stop and tales of places we'd been to, commented about the lack of UK motorhomes in Greece and they recommended that, as we needed a campsite, (domestic chores needed doing) we should try where we are now at Camping Meltemi (36.73105 22.55311) which is pretty enough, set in a massive olive grove leading down to a sandy beach. The parking pitches are all named after Greek Gods:

The olive trees are all in perfect straight lines so we suspect the Romans planted them. We've washed everything that needed washing, emptied everything that needed emptying and filled up everything else and it only remains to charge up everything that needs 240v over the next 18 hours so maybe tomorrow we'll push on toward Gefyra, a small town with a causeway leading to the fortified town of Monemvasia. We also need a supermarket as we're running low on food and, more worryingly, beer!

I have to be conscious of where we park from now on. The mechanic in Areopolo had a look at my handbrake a few days ago and said he couldn't fix it, I need a new handbrake assembly! He phoned the Renault dealer in Sparta and he didn't have one. At one stage he said that maybe the "panel beater" could repair it but the "pb" had a look and declined the challenge so now I need level parking. We live on a hill back in the UK so it really needs to be fixed before we get home - I'm guessing France is the answer.

Final day in the premiership today. Oh Tottenham!! - a 5-1 hiding by 10 men, relegated Newcastle. Can't use emojis on the blog but if I could, well you know that 'crying with laughter one'? And a Giroud hat trick, you couldn't make it up.




  1. Hi Pat & Phil, it was good to meet up. Thanks for all the tips on where to go in the North. One question, what was the mapping app you used on the iPad to show us places, I'd like to have a go at doing the same as you have with the pins and descriptions. Hope the ribs and brake mend soon, cheers Kev & Lix

  2. Hi Kev & Liz,
    Good to meet you too. I use It's free and after you have downloaded the countries you need you can add bookmarks or use for navigation. Any POIs in KML or KMZ format can be added. Happy travels, Pat