Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Blue skies and a repair needed.

Wednesday 14th October.

We've spent the last couple of days on a pretty little campsite near San Fransisco 42.76064 -9.06290. No, we haven't time travelled across continents, the nearest town is Muros but the village down the road is definitely San Fransisco. Pretty much closed up now and waiting for next summer's holiday makers we've had two days of glorious sunshine and a wide sandy beach all to ourselves.

As often happens another English couple who we met at Santiago are also here taking advantage of the washing machine - if you're reading this, hi Sue & Adrian. Yesterday they walked a little way along the road and found a bar where the free tapas sustained them until tea time so, following their advice we walked along the beach and popped into the same place. An excellent recommendation, our first beer was accompanied by a delicious savoury rice dish and a hunk of bread and with our second beer a delicious lentil and ham stew was provided, yummy. I'd like to say that the service and free tapas reminded me of Weatherspoons back home but I'd be lying. Despite the sunshine there's a cool wind but, would you believe, the bar terrace here on the campsite is sheltered.

On the evening before we left Santiago we heard an ominous clunk from the fresh water tank and the sound of running water near the boiler. On investigation I discovered that the water pump had come adrift from it's supply pipe to the boiler. Under ideal conditions we fill up with fresh water via an external filler point but many of the taps in Spain don't have a thread so I've been filling up via a bucket directly into the tank after first lifting out the pump and sensor unit. Over time I've stressed the connection and so the pump fell off, arghh. Now I'm on a search for a couple of jubilee clips and a length of hose of the correct diameter. Leroy Merlin failed us in our search so now, as we are on the coast, I'm looking for a ships chandler. (To be honest I don't need an excuse to visit a ships chandlers, or a proper old school hardware shop,or a fishing tackle shop for that matter) It's not too urgent as I've managed a temporary repair but I'll be happier when I've fixed the problem a little more permanently. Fortunately there was a Decathlon next to LM which was a bonus as I managed to buy some lead tape for my new tennis racquet, a pelote ball, three fishing lures and an umbrella! That's what I call shopping.

Washing all up to date and so tomorrow with a van full of clean clothes we'll head a little further south on the Galician coast before we drop into Portugal.



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