Monday, 22 June 2015


Monday 22nd June. Vonitsa 38.93382 20.92021

We stopped for three full days in Ammoudia, the weather was kind to us and it was a lovely beach. Beach days aren't my favourite thing but an umbrella and a couple of loungers could be had for free if you bought a coffee from the beachside bar. Well, we would have bought the coffees anyway so lounged about for a couple of days taking the occasional cooling dip in the sea. The first day we arrived there the surf was up but for the last few days it's been pretty calm and the sea is really shallow for a long way out. In fact it was exhausting walking out to a depth where you could cool off! We are usually quite discreet when we park on beaches or harbours here in Greece but the other dozen or so motorhomes in Ammoudia had the awnings, tables and chairs out and the Italian guy next to us said he had been there for three weeks. I suppose the holiday season proper hasn't started yet and the money the motorhomers spend is appreciated and so I guess they're not going to discourage them.

But we got itchy feet and so moved today an hour or so further south and we are parked up now on the large salt water lake a mile or two east of Vonitsa. There were a couple of motorhomes when we arrived but they have since left and so we have the place to ourselves apart from some folk in a caravan a couple of hundred metres away. There's a taverna at the end of the beach and we'll pop down there this evening for something to eat.

We called in for a beer earlier.

Back from the taverna after a nice meal, well the calamari was a bit chewy but hey, not to worry. The place we are parked gets prettier by the hour.


Here's a map of where we have been so far on this trip to Greece

And here's the weather forecast



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