Friday, 27 March 2015


Friday 27th March - Coucy-Le-Chateau. N49.520084 E3.314395

After the last couple of days of driving and not getting any sleep we are now refreshed. Slept like logs last night and set off today for the small village of Coucy-Le-Chateau. Sat Navs set to avoid tolls and motorways and it was a pleasant drive through some nice countryside and typically pretty French villages. A stop at LeClerc for a few bits and pieces and diesel (€1.15/litre), a coffee and croissant stop and we were starting to enjoy the trip. There's not too much here apart from a ruined castle and an archway entrance to the village 2.5m wide - made it with an inch or two on each side - easy!

Weather has been kind to us today, it's still cold but nice and sunny and feels almost spring like and it can only get better as we travel further south (can't it?)

Some of you may know that I bought a bike and an electric wheel recently and whilst the bike is fine I've had nothing but trouble with the electric wheel which was a disappointment but today salvation arrived. Whilst admiring the ruined castle and contemplating whether I could be arsed with the ten minute climb to view at close quarters my new friend turned up. We got chatting and after a few minutes a deal was struck so it's good-bye bike and hello the future -

Tomorrow we set off for Mareuil-sur-Ay which is a little South of Reims. We had planned to go to Reims tomorrow as the cathedral is not to be missed and the city is beautiful but then we thought hmm, Reims on a Saturday? The Motorhome parking spot has only 7 places and it's going to be really busy? And then browsing our Camperstop book I very luckily found a place described as Urban, Comfortable, Central, Quiet with a restaurant on the spot! Phew, that was lucky eh? And - it's on a canal with fishing on the spot!!! That's me sorted then. Tight lines eh?




  1. What is that pat !! Sorry didn't get to see you or speak to you when you were home ,have another great trip ,give our love to Catherine ,Ricky and family ,take care


  2. That!! George is an electric powered thingey with a 1000w lithium battery pack weighing 10kgs. The guy did tell me the range but I've forgotten but it was impressive, something like 200k. Has pedals as well in case you forget to charge it. Biggest danger is being squashed by passing HGVs I reckon.