Friday, 29 August 2014

Fosse Bellay & La Suze-Sur-Sarthe

Friday 29th August.

We are parked up tonight in the pretty town of La Suze-Sur-Sarthe right next to the river watching the sun go down behind the church on the opposite bank. We arrived here early this afternoon after spending a couple of days in Fosse Bellay, just south of Saumur with our friends Jenny and Chris. We met Jenny and Chris,who are fellow motorhomers, twice in Spain, late last year and early this year and we've kept in touch. It was great to see them and swop tales of where we had both been recently. They were great hosts, showing us around the area, feeding us and providing endlessly hot showers which is a real luxury for us. They have a lovely house which they have been renovating for the last fourteen years. Not much more to do now eh, J&C ?

So after a brief stop with a proper roof over our heads we are heading back to the UK after a tour of just over four months. It's been a fantastic trip for us and we have just a few more places to see before we finally dip under the tunnel next Wednesday or Thursday. Whilst we've had a great time it'll be good to see friends and family again, get a decent haircut and sup a decent pint of beer.




  1. hello Phil and Pat . Nice to read you . Always on the road , i think that you will know soon France better than me . Have a nice trip and continu to enjoy yourself . kisses . Patrick from the bar Aumessas .( sorry for my english )

  2. Hi Patrick, it's good to hear from you and yes, we are discovering more of France. You probably have discovered more of Nepal though. See you next year, thanks for reading the blog,
    Pat xx