Thursday, 24 July 2014

Finale Ligure

Wednesday 23rd July.

We are parked up this evening next to the sea at a Camperstop in the pretty town of Finale Ligure. The sea is on one side of us and towering limestone cliffs to the other with a ruined castle atop. It's a great location with a five minute walk into the town. We left the campsite from hell this morning with folk looking at us as though we'd got a favorable response from the parole board while they still had to complete their sentence and drove the 32 miles along the Italian Riviera coast road. It was a beautiful day and as we drove through the half a dozen resorts to get here every available patch of beach was occupied as was every available parking space. There were also plenty of cars and scooters parked up in unavailable parking spaces. After driving around Greece for six weeks seeing hardly any traffic we're not used to the number of cars and scooters weaving their way around here. I'm not too worried about the motorcycles and scooters, they're nippy and maneuverable and the guys and girls on them seem to know what they're doing but the car drivers are another kettle of fish altogether and it's pretty scary at times. Overtaking on blind bends with double white lines seems to be a favourite pastime as does pulling out from side roads with only a cursory glance, if you're lucky, at any traffic which may be approaching. As each day goes by my avoidance tactics improve (I think, or hope).

So I think we will stay here another day, if we're up early enough we can scoot to the beach and throw up our €9 beach umbrella which is just large enough to shelter three quarters of one of us at any time.

Thursday 24th July.

Still parked up tonight in Finale Ligure although we didn't make the beach today. It rained last night and was still very overcast this morning and not really beach weather. We walked in to town this afternoon and wandered around the weekly market for a while before stopping in an osteria for lunch. Home made pasta and a glass of wine each, delicious and not expensive. This evening we strolled down for an aperitif and found a bar with a free buffet so we piled our plates a couple of times and now we don't have to cook an evening meal. Tomorrow we set off for Cervo, about 40 miles further along the coast.

Finale Ligure.



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